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Meet our legal assistant - Helle Aller - Collectia
Sebastian S.

Meet our legal assistant, Helle Aller

Helle Aller's story begins at Kredinor in 2021, where she saw the company evolve from a small business with around 30 people in Denmark to being acquired by Collectia, an organization with over 300 employees and eight offices across Europe.

With a background in marketing and communications, Helle entered the debt collection industry driven by a thirst for change and new challenges. Her switch to debt collection felt natural after reaching a saturation point in her previous field. Although Helle had the option to retire from the labor market at the time, her drive and ambition were far from satiated. Instead, she chose to seek new horizons and found a new direction in Kredinor, later known as Collectia.

Helle started her debt collection journey as a customer advisor, but her quest for challenges quickly led her to a role in our legal department, where she has now been for 2.5 years. "The best thing about working at Collectia," Helle says, "is the opportunities and it's okay to seek new challenges." She describes the dynamic of changing roles as one of Collectia's strengths, as it provides a broad understanding of the company's processes and ecosystem.

In her current role, Helle's main responsibility is to handle all aspects of bailiff court meetings and represent our customers, the creditors. Her work involves preparation for the meetings, active participation in them and subsequent documentation and follow-up. As an active participant in the bailiff court meetings, Helle is in close contact with the debtors. Her primary goal is to treat them with respect and work together to find solutions to settle their debts for the benefit of both our customers and debtors. Her greatest satisfaction comes from the feeling of having made a positive difference and helped others when she goes home from work.

It's clear when talking to Helle that she is a skilled and dedicated employee, driven by challenges and a strong will to make a difference. Her story is inspiring and her personality is approachable and understanding, making her indispensable in her role in the legal department at Collectia.

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