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Our debt collection solution just got even smarter!
Sebastian S.

Our debt collection solution just got even smarter!

Our IT department has been busy completing two exciting projects that will make your debt collection solution at Collectia even smarter. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can now present these to you.

New customer web - updated design and functionality

The first news concerns our customer web, which has been given a huge overhaul. We have simply chosen to build a completely new customer platform from scratch - with a focus on making it easier and more manageable for you. User-friendliness and functionality have therefore been paramount throughout the development process. We have kept all the features that you know from the old version, but it has all been wrapped in a new, beautiful and more user-friendly design.

If you are a customer of Collectia, you can log in here and experience the new and improved customer web. If you do not remember your login, you are welcome to write to - we will find it for you.


  • Improved case overview - user-friendly navigation
  • Improved case creation - manually or via invoice upload
  • Improved illustration of case status using icons and info
  • Mobile optimization - access the customer website via mobile or tablet
  • Optimized search function
  • New filter and sorting function
  • New messaging feature with the possibility to attach files
  • Invoices from Collectia now appear in the customer web
  • New notification system
  • Improved display of details at case level
  • New "bulk action" function - add payments or invoices on multiple cases

New feature - create cases on the go!

Our other big news is a new feature in the Collectia Creditor App. With a simple tap in your pocket, you can now create new debt collection cases on the go. Simply take a picture of your unpaid invoice and upload the file. Our technology reads the file and then creates your case automatically. It doesn't get any easier.

In short - with Collectia Creditor App you get Denmark's most user-friendly debt collection solution that you can take with you everywhere. We call it "debtcollection in your pocket".

If you haven't downloaded our App yet, you can find it in the App Store or on Google Play. When you log in to the App, simply use the same login you use for our customer web.


  • New feature: "Create case" (automatic)
  • New feature: "Messages" - send message to Collectia
  • New feature: "PDF" - view documentation at case level
  • Speed optimization


We are continuously updating and implementing new features in the App and the customer web. You can read more about this and much more in the upcoming newsletters. Sign up for the newsletter here.

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