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Big energy savings - Enough to power a Danish home - Collectia Inkasso
Sebastian S.

Big energy savings: Enough to power a Danish home for 3.5 years

At Collectia, we are committed to operating a green workplace and contributing to a sustainable future. Through a number of initiatives, we have reduced our environmental impact in recent years. With our latest initiatives, we have realized an energy saving of 27%, corresponding to 18,004 kWh in just five months compared to the same period last year. We have achieved this by installing new light sources with motion sensors, among other things. By implementing this solution, we have managed to significantly reduce energy consumption while creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly working environment.

But we don't stop here. We've taken several steps to promote a greener workplace and operate a sustainable business model.

Reducing paper consumption: Steps towards a digital future

Collectia has recognized the historically high paper consumption in the debt collection industry and has therefore taken steps to reduce paper-related activities. We have done this by introducing digital processes, electronic document management and by encouraging a conscious use of paper.

Sustainable energy for our buildings and cars

Another effort is our investment in solar energy at our head office in Brøndby. The solar panel system generates sustainable energy for all buildings and contributes to an annual reduction of 12.8 tons of CO2.

We've also made it easy for our employees and guests to choose environmentally friendly transportation options. In the head office parking lot, charging stations for electric cars have been installed. This solution promotes the transition from conventional cars with combustion engines to electric cars in the company parking lot.

Did you know that saving 18,004 kWh is equivalent to:

You can charge around 900,000 cell phones from 0% to 100%.

You can watch around 72,000 hours of streaming.

You can listen to music for over 1,000 days nonstop without repeating a single song.

You can power a typical Danish home for about 3.5 years, based on an annual electricity consumption of 5,200 kWh (2 adults and 2 small children in a 200 m2 house).

You can run a washing machine more than 900 times with an average energy consumption of 20 kWh per wash.

These comparisons are based on approximate average values and may vary depending on the power consumption of specific appliances and electricity prices in your area.

Utilizing food waste and waste: Creating a circular economy

Collectia has focused on waste sorting as part of its efforts to create a circular economy. With modular waste systems in all departments, we ensure that all employees actively participate in waste sorting and contribute to recycling and resource optimization.

In our canteen, we have implemented an innovative approach where we actively use leftovers from previous meals to create new and tasty dishes. A special tradition we have introduced is a weekly vegetarian dish and "leftover day" every Friday, where we serve a delicious meal based on the week's leftovers. If there is leftover food, employees are welcome to take it home. This not only reduces waste, but also promotes an awareness of the value of making full use of food resources.

Employee engagement: Shared commitment to a greener business

Employee engagement is crucial to Collectia's green journey, as we recognize that our employees are our most important resource. To ensure their engagement, we have established a digital mailbox where all employees can provide their input and ideas for green initiatives. It is important that everyone in our organization feels that they work in a progressive company with deeply rooted green values and that their work actively contributes to our common goals.

An inspiring example of employee-driven innovation is our energy saving project, which was actually initiated based on an employee's suggestion. Collectia is proud to have a workplace that not only has talented employees, but also passionate employees working towards our shared vision of a more sustainable future.

We want to lead the industry

Acting responsibly towards our customers, our customers' customers, our employees, the environment and society in general is deeply embedded in our organizational culture. We want to be a driver of change and a positive role model for other companies that want to take steps towards a sustainable and green future. We believe this brings both human and business value.

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