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Sebastian S.

How we differ from other debt collection agencies and lawyers

Choosing a debt collection company can be difficult - and a bit confusing.

In Denmark, there are around 150 authorized debt collection companies that can and may help you with debt collection. Many of the 150 are both skilled and competent in debt collection - and in getting your money back.

In addition, all Danish lawyers may also help you with debt collection; however, very few lawyers offer this service - and often only to existing clients, or to clients with special product mixes such as property management or similar.

With so many options to choose a debt collection company or debt collection lawyer in Denmark, who should you choose? and how does Collectia stand out from the competition?

In this article, we try to put on our objective glasses; and tell you how we believe we stand out (positively) from our competitors; the lawyers and debt collection agencies.

We are digital in our mindset - and that's to your advantage

At Collectia, we believe that debt collection should be as easy as possible; whether you are a client and need to set up a debt collection case and want to follow the collection process online - or whether you are a customer and simply want to pay an unpaid invoice.

Because debt collection should take up as little space as possible in your world - and with perhaps Denmark's largest IT setup in the debt collection industry, it gives you as a client quick set-up and the opportunity to follow your cases around the clock, whenever you have time.

Our IT setup is continuously updated and we have over 25 internal developers who help ensure our clients and their customers that we always have the latest and best technologies - when it comes to debt collection.

As one of the few in Denmark, we offer SMS Pay in connection with debt collection; the debtor has the mobile phone at hand - and it's easy. We know that many debt collection companies do not do this - and that's a shame!

IT company with a debt collection license

Collectia is as much an IT company as we are a debt collection company. Because in addition to always having the latest technologies and payment options available to clients and their customers - our team of skilled developers has also used our more than 150 years of experience in debt collection to create algorithms in everyday life.

Perhaps Denmark's largest and most advanced debt collection algorithm is colloquially known as CAI; Collectia Artificial Intelligence.

Our debt collection algorithm, CAI, is based on many years of experience with debt collection and enables us as a debt collection company to ensure the most efficient case management. CAI can, for example, tell us which process a specific debt collection case should follow after a careful assessment and screening of the customer and the type of case. Thus, the customer always gets the best possible treatment - assessed based on data from years of experience.

This ensures that your cases are resolved in the best possible way - and as quickly as possible.

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