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CVR number

CVR number

The Central Business Register, also known as CVR, is a register of all Danish and Greenlandic companies, associations and authorities. The CVR register contains all current and historical master data for companies and their contact persons. All Danish and Greenlandic companies, associations and authorities have a unique CVR number (company number), just like the social security number (CPR number).

In Denmark, the Danish Business Authority is responsible for the Central Business Register and thus for the Danish and Greenlandic CVR numbers.

In Norway and Sweden, they also have a unique number for companies, called an organization number or org. no.

Lookup in CVR

If you have a company's CVR number or the legal company name or biname, you can look it up in the CVR register at

On you can find the following information about the company:

  • The legal name
  • Address
  • Start date
  • Type of company
  • Status
  • Industry code
  • Aims and objectives
  • Financial year
  • Registered capital
  • Relevant information about ownership, directors and founders

In addition to looking up the legal master data on, it is also possible to retrieve the latest annual accounts if the company is an ApS or an A/S.

Using gives you a good indication of who you are dealing with - both in terms of the company and the people behind the company.

It is free to use

CVR number in connection with debt collection

A surprisingly large number of businesses and individuals don't always know who they're dealing with when buying goods and services. In everyday life, this may not matter as long as the product works or payment is made on time.

But when it comes to debt collection, it's crucial that you actually know who your customer is. If it's a company, we as a debt collection company always recommend that you get a CVR number and include it on the invoice.

By only having a CVR number for debt collection, you ensure that you are dealing with the right company. This way you avoid, for example, the wrong company or the company not having the name you thought it had.

What are the consequences of not working with a CVR number in your company?

No matter how you work with customers, customer data is often important, especially when it comes to businesses. We therefore always recommend that you collect the customer's correct CVR number to be able to invoice the right customer and have all correct and updated data from about the customer.

In the worst case scenario, you could end up invoicing the wrong company or invoicing a company that doesn't even exist if you simply create a company based on a name.

For example, if you invoice a customer with incorrect information, a company can reject the payment, as can a debt collection agency.

If you can't find a company's CVR number:

If it is not possible to find a company's CVR number on, it is often because the CVR number is incorrect, the company name is spelled incorrectly or the company operates under a name that is not registered with CVR.

Most CVR numbers are active on, even if they are registered as defunct. It is therefore a good idea to ask for a company's CVR number.

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