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debt collection lawyer

debt collection lawyer

What is a debt collection lawyer?

A debt collection lawyer is a lawyer who deals with debt collection on behalf of his clients, who can be both businesses and individuals.

In a legal sense, there is basically no difference between a lawyer and a debt collection lawyer. They are one and the same thing, just as a housing lawyer or a tax lawyer are also just lawyers.

As a debt collector, you must be authorized by the police to help your clients and customers with their debt collection. As a trained lawyer, you do not need to be authorized to help with debt collection. In other words, all lawyers with a license are allowed to help companies and private individuals with debt collection if they want to offer this service in their law firm, which is far from everyone.

However, as a customer, you should be aware that most lawyers have specialties and competencies in a wide range of areas, such as housing, construction law, tax and much more. Therefore, it is not certain that your particular lawyer deals with debt collection. The lawyers who deal with debt collection often refer to themselves as debt collection lawyers.

Please note that the title of lawyer, and thus also debt collection lawyer, is a protected title and may not be used if you are not a qualified lawyer with a professional qualification.

What is the difference between a debt collection agency and a debt collection lawyer?

Basically, there is no legal difference between debt collection lawyers and debt collection companies. They can and can do the same things; issue collection notices, impose fees and charges, contact the debtor, send the debtor to the enforcement court and much more.

However, there will often be the difference that debt collection lawyers rarely deal exclusively with debt collection, while debt collection companies often do nothing else. This can have the advantage that the debt collection companies focus exclusively on debt collection and how to optimize it, while the lawyers often do not always have debt collection as their sole focus. This can often have an impact on the handling of the cases, efficiency, etc.

Often debt collection companies are cheaper than debt collection lawyers. For example, it is rare that all lawyers specializing in debt collection offer a 'no cure, no pay' solution, while many debt collection companies offer such a solution.

What is the advantage of a debt collection lawyer?

There can be many advantages to using a lawyer for debt collection.

A debt collection lawyer often has very strong legal skills and can often help in very complex cases where an unpaid invoice may not be the only problem between debtor and creditor.

Most debt collection companies today also have associated lawyers and debt collection lawyers for those cases that are very legally complex to meet the possible challenges that could arise during a debt collection process.

How to find a debt collection lawyer?

It can be difficult to find a good debt collection lawyer, especially one with a strong focus on debt collection.

Start by checking with your local lawyer, or the lawyer you already use, to see if they can help you with debt collection.

In addition, we recommend that you search for "inkassoadvokat" on Google or make use of Advokatnøglen (a search engine developed by the Danish Bar and Law Society to find lawyers). At the time of writing, you will find more than 500 active lawyers on Advokatnøglen, of which only 63 lawyers in Denmark have indicated that they have debt collection as a work area, i.e. just over 12% of Danish lawyers offer debt collection as a product.

On the Lawyer Key, you can also search specifically for debt collection lawyers in your region or zip code if you want a local lawyer with debt collection expertise.

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