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Invoice Template

Invoice Template

What do you use an invoice for?

An invoice is a documentation between a debtor(debtor) and a creditor (creditor ) that a purchase has been made. Typically, companies send an invoice to another company or private individual, but there is nothing legally preventing a private individual from sending an invoice.

On an invoice, the seller specifies what has been purchased and what the price is. The invoice must also state the debtor and creditor's general information.

An invoice is also used by a private individual as proof of purchase, for example for a warranty claim.

What is an invoice template?

Most Danish companies use an accounting program, where it is possible to use invoice templates.

We always recommend that you use an accounting program.

An invoice template is a template for an invoice where you as a creditor can easily insert your details and the details of the purchase.

Download a free invoice template here

Invoice template-Collectia

Here at Collectia, we have more than 150 years of experience in debt collection and thus also know how a good invoice is structured.

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