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Sebastian S.

Product Focus: Sending reminders with our 'Reminder Service'

Most businesses are familiar with the problem of some customers not paying on time.

In most cases, neither debt collection nor legal action is necessary - and often it is due to a simple oversight on the part of the customer that the invoice has not been paid on time.

Whatever the reason for non-payment, it's important to make it clear that you have an outstanding balance - and the best place to start is often by sending reminders - with or without a reminder fee applied.

At Collectia, we recommend as a starting point that at least one reminder is sent before debt collection begins. On the reminder, a reminder fee of DKK 100 can be applied, as well as a compensation fee of DKK 310 if the debtor is a business customer. If you do not wish to impose a reminder fee or compensation fee, you are also free to do so. The option is there.

Help with sending reminders

Sending reminders has a great effect, and many claims are paid after the first, second or even third reminder - without the use of debt collection. Therefore, it is also important that the reminders are actually sent. If you can't do it yourself, you can, for example, make use of our reminder service.

At Collectia we have the product "reminder service". The service is for you who want to send out reminders, but do not want to do it yourself. Because we know that neither sending reminders nor debt collection has a particularly high priority for most companies. We are therefore more than happy to help if you are looking for a serious partner who can take all the steps - from sending out reminders to the enforcement court, if necessary.

At the same time, we can clearly see that more people are responding to reminders sent from third parties - i.e. debt collection companies like us or, for example, from a debt collection lawyer.

Setup, requirements and rules for sending reminders

When sending reminders, there are a few very important rules you should follow - and if you don't follow them, the reminder is in principle invalid.

The rules for sending a reminder are as follows:

  • Payment may only be remindered once the payment deadline has passed
  • A reminder fee of DKK 100 may be imposed per reminder (maximum 3 reminders with a reminder fee imposed)
  • The debtor must have at least 10 days to pay the invoice + reminder fee
  • A new reminder can only be sent after the payment deadline of the previous reminder has passed (10 days)

Collectia complies with all requirements and rules for the proper handling and sending of reminders, so you don't have to spend time on it.

Collectia has since 1998 helped large and small companies with their moving process, and can therefore always recommend and guide your company in how the perfect setup is for your particular business. If you want to influence the process yourself, we can always tailor a solution for you.

Why use Collectia's reminder service?

Experience shows that a correct and efficient dunning process ensures better liquidity. But an important prerequisite for an efficient and fast reminder process is that the reminder process is set in a fixed framework - and that the work is done consistently.

That's why we recommend that companies that can't find the time in their day-to-day work to send reminders for non-payment to make use of our reminder service. This way, you ensure that the work is done correctly and on time. At the same time, you free up resources that you can allocate to other value-adding activities in your company.

Reminder service with a complete debt collection process

With reminder service from Collectia, you have a complete debt collection process close at hand - if the customer defaults and ignores the sent reminders. In such a case, we help you automatically proceed to a complete debt collection process.

Should it happen that a debtor ignores the first, second or third reminder, the case can automatically be transferred to debt collection with us. This means that you do not have to decide yourself what actions and processes to take after the reminder process has ended - we will help you with that.

A typical process after a dunning service has been completed will often start with the sending of a debt collection notice(collection letter), as well as accrued interest, fees, sending letters, eBoks and calls to the debtor.

If the debtor fails to pay all or part of your claim in the extrajudicial debt collection phase, you can also turn to the bailiff court for help. This means that we can help you all the way from the first reminder to the enforcement court.

Getting started with reminder services

Collectia has since 1998 as an authorized debt collection company helped thousands of Danish companies with debt collection and reminder service.

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