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Ribers is a debt register, a register of bad payers.

The name Ribers is today abbreviated as RKI (Ribers Credit Information) - and is owned and operated by the company Experian.

With Ribers, or RKI, you can use the service to credit score new and existing customers - creating an overview of your customers' financial situation.

What are the consequences of Ribers?

If you are a debtor and are listed in Ribers / RKI, it can have major consequences for you - both as a private individual or company.

An increasing number of companies, including telecom, data and utilities, are choosing to credit score their customers - with the help of Ribers.

And if you are listed in Ribers, this will often have negative consequences for you as a customer. For example, it can result in the company not wanting you as a customer - to the company demanding cash payment instead of granting you credit.

You will also find it difficult to take out a loan from a bank, for example, if you have a record in Ribers.

How do I get out of Ribers?

You can get out of Ribers / RKI by paying your debt. Once the payment is made, the creditor, or the creditor's debt collection company / debt collection lawyer, will request Ribers / RKI to delete your registration.

Your registration in Ribers is valid for 5 years, after which you will be deleted. However, you should be aware that the debt does not disappear when you are deleted from Ribers.

Am I in Ribers?

As a debt collection company, we often get the question "Am I in RKI" or "Am I in Ribers" - but you can actually find out for yourself.

Experian has created the service where you can see if you are listed in RKI / Ribers.

How many are listed in Ribers?

The number of people and companies registered in Ribers fluctuates from year to year - and is often highly dependent on other economic trends in society; employment, inflation, etc.

At the end of June 2023, there were 173,007 registered with Ribers - with a total debt of £9.1 billion (Source: Experian) This gives an average debt per registrant of £52,599. 

We have our own credit rating

At Collectia, we help our customers credit score new and prospective customers every day.

We have developed the Qatchr service - helping small and large businesses gain insight into their financial situation. 

Qatchr pulls in a wide variety of data on your customers - including credit ratings, ownership, address, etc.

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