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Insurance is a core business area for Collectia

We have been servicing the insurance industry for many years - and we have therefore built up a wealth of knowledge about the various aspects of insurance litigation. Including the legal issues. In addition, we can offer a solution together with a lawyer-collaborator that extends from ordinary debt collection processes to compulsory realization of properties etc. and all the processes in between.

Our insurance department currently works with a number of different insurance companies. We handle all types of insurance - from premiums to claims, from personal to commercial, from travel insurance to fire insurance, from liability to comprehensive insurance. In short - all types of claims in the insurance industry.

Based on your specific needs, we tailor a solution that goes all the way around - and find the recovery tools that allow you to get your money back.

5 advantages

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    Specialist department with extensive knowledge of insurance cases

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    A partner who "protects" your brand

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    Best case portals in the industry

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    Solution tailored to your needs

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    Extensive experience with insurance claims

Follow your debt collection cases online

Collectia has developed a unique debt collection score that shows the customer's ability to pay. We use this knowledge proactively to find the right solution for each customer.

Our experience shows that a competent, respectful and consistent recovery strategy is crucial to the success of insurance claims. We make sure that our staff are up-to-date with insurance legislation - and use the correct terminology (recourse, counterparty claims, claims, etc.) when dealing with customers.

In addition, you have the opportunity to follow your cases online on Denmark's best debt collection case portal, as well as get easy and clear reporting. We believe that transparency, debtor satisfaction, taking care of your brand, our competent employees and our own Key Account Manager give you the confidence that your cases are entrusted to a partner who knows all facets of insurance claims.