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Insurance is a core business area for Collectia

Collectia originates from the telecom industry

Collectia actually started in Denmark due to Tele2's entry into the Danish market. We therefore have extensive experience with telecom cases. We are the company in Denmark that has handled the most telecom cases over time. This has given us a unique knowledge of the telecom industry, your customers and their ability to pay. We use this knowledge to tailor the optimal solution for you.
Collectia has, in collaboration with some of the country's largest telecommunications companies, developed a "telecom solution", which is based on a differentiated debt collection process, where respect for the individual customer's ability to pay is paramount.

Our experience tells us that a respectful but also consistent recovery strategy can offer the best results.

Due to our unique legal setup, we achieve the highest recovery rates in the short and long term while securing 3 times as many foundations as our closest competitors.

Daily handover of cases, efficient processes, user-friendly Customer Web and competent staff ensure that your cases are in safe hands. Collectia already today services some of the country's largest telecommunications companies.

5 advantages

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    Extensive experience in telecoms cases

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    Flexible solution tailored to your needs

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    Best case portals in the industry

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    Best short- and long-term recovery rates in the industry

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    We protect your brand