Checklist - How to choose your debt collection supplier in 2022
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Checklist: How to choose a debt collection supplier in 2022

How do you actually choose a debt collection partner? - What factors should you pay attention to before choosing? We will try to answer these questions to help you make a better choice when selecting a debt collection provider( debt collection agency or debt collection lawyer).

There are over 100 debt collection companies - and even more debt collection lawyers in Denmark - ready to help you with invoice follow-up and debt collection.

We have over 150 years of experience in debt recovery. Based on our experience, we have developed a checklist that we believe you should consider when choosing a debt collection agency or a lawyer to deal with your unpaid invoices.

The price

For many traders, price is an important parameter. Most debt collection companies offer "no cure - no pay" in the out-of-court debt collection process. In this case, the debt collection company only makes money from your case if it is resolved.

Other debt collection agencies and lawyers offer annual subscriptions, prices for opening a case, prices for closing a case, prices for sending the case to court, etc.

You should therefore carefully check the price of the debt collection service. Often there are several underlying prices and fees - depending on the circumstances of the case and further processing.

Online access to your files

Is it important for you to:

  • get a quick and easy overview of your cases?
  • see where you are in the process?
  • see what happens to your cases?
  • see which letters your customers receive?

In this case, we recommend you find a debt collection company or lawyer with online access to your cases. You may ask for a demonstration of the case platform before you make your final choice of supplier.


Performance (success rate) is a special parameter when it comes to debt collection. After all, a successful debt collection process depends on the type of case, your customer, the industry, the size of the amount, the contractual relationship, preparation for collection and many other parameters. However, most debt collection providers typically already serve a client with cases and customer types similar to yours.

You may want to ask the supplier how successful they are with your particular type of case.

Experience in your particular type of case

Of course, it is always good to choose a supplier with experience and the right skills. Try to ask if the debt collection provider has experience with your type of cases and customers. For example, subscription customers, telecom customers, public companies, public utilities, etc. Experience is crucial - also when it comes to debt collection.

Get a presentation on how they treat your cases - and more importantly your customers

No two debt collection agencies or lawyers treat debt collection cases in the same way. We advise everyone to have a dialog with the future debt collection supplier about how the cases and not least the customers are treated. If you want your customers to continue to be customers of your business in the long term, it is not irrelevant how your business partners treat them.

Debt collection agency vs. debt collection lawyer

We have regularly reported on the advantages and disadvantages of a debt collection agency or lawyer.

Both types of debt collection providers often do a good job - in their own way. However, each has their own advantages and disadvantages. We just think you should take them into account when choosing a supplier to handle your debt collection cases.

We recently published an article on this topic, which you can find here:

Collectia - 150 years of experience in debt collection

At Collectia, we have more than 150 years of experience in debt collection - and are therefore among the Nordic region's leading and oldest debt collection companies. Over the years, we have improved and refined the way we conduct debt collection. We would really like to show you what a modern debt collection company like us can offer you and your business.

Contact us today. We are ready with good advice and a no-obligation demo of our online platform.

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