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Sebastian S.

Focus on debt collection - all the way!

Good debt collection doesn't start when the debtor misses a payment deadline. Or when the court's help is needed to recover a debt with the help of the bailiff.

Good debt collection starts with a sound credit policy and a description of who you do business with, who you give credit to, what credit you give and how you react if you don't get your money.

At Collectia, we're with you every step of the way: we provide training on good credit policy, we offer assistance in the dunning process, we are ready for effective collection before legal proceedings, and we also handle all legal processes from payment demand to police presentation in the enforcement court. This applies to both small and large claims, claims against individuals and companies as well as Danish and international claims. In short: Your full-service partner!

The vast majority of invoices are paid as agreed, but there are a relatively small number of cases where the money does not arrive. Unfortunately, you have to spend much more time working on the few bad payers than on the many who pay as agreed.

As a debt collection agency, we are of course primarily measured on how good we are at collecting the money you are owed, but we would also like to get some pluses for our way of doing things and for CollectiaOnline, which is designed to make debt collection easy for you. It is our solution for you, so you can easily and quickly start debt collection cases around the clock and at the same time have a full overview of the progress of the debt collection cases.

We don't believe that effective debt collection is about intimidating and threatening debtors as much as possible. It's about using the right resources at the right time in the right way. Our goal is to recover as much as possible at the lowest possible cost, so you get full value for the money you choose to invest in serious and competent debt collection.

You may think of Collectia as a traditional debt collection company, but we think we stand out in three areas in particular:

  • Dedicated, competent and experienced staff
  • The best online solution on the market
  • Our philosophy that "good debt collection is about creating solutions between people who disagree about payment".

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