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Collectia is Denmark's leading debt collection agency when it comes to professional, fast and efficient recovery of your unpaid invoices. Collectia as a debt collection agency was founded back in 1998 under the name Transcom CMS A/S and has ever since helped some of the Nordic region's largest, and smallest, companies with their unpaid invoices.

As a debt collection agency, we here at Collectia help large and small businesses every single day with their unpaid invoices - regardless of the size of your claim.

In Denmark, there are currently about 140 registered debt collection agencies that can help you with your unpaid invoices. Authorization is done by the police. Collectia is one of them.

What can a debt collection agency do for you?

If you are self-employed, a bookkeeper or any other person who deals with your company's finances and bookkeeping on a daily basis, you have no doubt from time to time experienced problems with, and non-payment from, bad payers. The reasons for non-payment can be numerous. But a debt collection agency will be able to take over the hassle and communication with the debtor. Most of the time, they will help you get your money back, whatever the reason for the debtor's non-payment.

Often there are no requirements as to what actions you need to have taken before you send your case to debt collection. With many companies, you can simply send the unpaid invoice to them and the process will begin.

The 140 authorized debt collection agencies, by their very nature, do not all handle debt collection in the same way, and each company has different ways of dealing with customers and debtors. Some debt collection agencies specialize in serving only large customers, while others also help small customers. However, most debt collection agencies handle debt collection by contacting the debtor via letter, e-Boks, email, telephone and possibly physical presence - where, for example, reminder letters, debt collection notices and much more are sent out - in the fight to get your money back.

What most debt collection agencies have in common is that they take over all communication with your debtors - so you can focus on your core business and not spend time chasing bad payers for non-payment.

 Fast and efficient recovery

 Minimizing costs

 Avoid claiming parent

 Professional handling of your customers

 Fewer worries

How can Collectia help you?

In Denmark, there are 140 authorized debt collection agencies that can and may help you with your bad payers, but not all Danish lawyers need prior authorization to help you.

There are many skilled debt collection lawyers in Denmark, and they can and may in principle help with exactly the same things that debt collection agencies can.

Just be aware that very few lawyers typically work full-time in debt collection. This can have its disadvantages. The lawyer is typically better able to help you with private debt collection cases. However, be aware that not all lawyers work with debt collection, and those who do often refer to themselves as debt collection lawyers.

Prices for our debt collection solutions

We have a solution for every need, with no requirements on invoice size or number of cases.

If you have any doubts, please give us a call. We are ready to help you get started.

  • One
395,- per case

  • Pay per case

  • 395 kr. for the set-up fee

  • Price per month. | 0 kr.

  • 10% is settled upon payment

  • More
  • Most people choose

2.995,- invoiced annually

  • Number of cases | Unlimited

  • Creation of a case | 0 kr.

  • Annual subscription

  • 0% is settled upon payment

  • Pro

3.995,- invoiced annually

  • Number of cases | Unlimited

  • Creation of a case | 0 kr.

  • Annual subscription

  • 0% settled upon recovery

The difference between a lawyer and a debt collection agency?

Unlike most other debt collection agencies in Denmark, we help all types of businesses, regardless of size, number of cases and the size of the business.

We help some of the country's largest companies and groups - right down to the greengrocer down on the corner. Every year, we handle more than 500,000 debt collection cases, typically an invoice or similar monetary claim that has not been paid in full or in part.

Collectia can help you with everything about non-payment - from sending out reminders, debt collection warnings and taking the possible further dialog by letter or meeting on your behalf in the enforcement court if necessary.

How much does a debt collection agency cost?

The price for debt collection at a debt collection agency is as different as there are different companies on the market. Recently, however, more and more debt collection agencies are working from a "no cure, no pay" based approach - and here we at Collectia are no exception.

With a No Cure No Pay solution with us, you pay nothing if we don't solve your case - if we do solve your case, we take a percentage. However, we also have other solutions, products and subscriptions that can make it even cheaper than that.

At Collectia you always get Denmark's cheapest debt collection - and the possibility of free debt collection if we do not solve your case.

What do I need to do myself before I send the case to you?

It's a question we often get asked, but in fact, you don't have to do anything other than simply realize that one or more invoices are in default. Here at Collectia, we are a full-service debt collection agency. This means that we handle the entire debt collection process for you; from the first reminder letter to the time we may be in court. We handle all communication, reminder service, calls, imposition of relevant costs and fees to the debtor - without you having to do anything. In most cases, all we need is the unpaid invoice and you're up and running. It is often not necessary for you to send a collection letter or collection notice prior to opening the case with us, we take care of that for you.

This is how we believe a modern debt collection agency should work.

Debt collection agency, debt collection firm, debt collection company?

When it comes to debt collection, there are many words for the same thing - for example, a debt collection letter is the same as a debt collection notice, and a reminder is the same as a reminder letter.

The same applies to a debt collection agency, often also referred to as a debt collection agency or a debt collection company.

How to choose your debt collection partner in 2023