Legislation on reminders

The Interest Act prescribes the following guidelines:

  • You may require a late fee of no more than DKK 100 per letter
  • A maximum of three reminders fees relating to the same claim. An additional collection fee of DKK 100 can be charged regarding the transfer to debt collection
  • It is not imposed on the creditor to send reminders. The law merely provides that a maximum of three reminder fees can be charged, if the creditor chooses to do so.
  • At least one collection notice needs to be sent before the debt is placed for collection
  • There must be a payment deadline of 10 days
Danish Debt Collection Law

Collection charges and fees

Collection fees are charged to your customers, which depends of the size of the debt.

Source: Retsinformation

Debt Collection Industry Association

Collectia is a member of the Danish debt collection association (Dansk InkassoBrancheforening). The association aims to develop and sustain the Danish debt collection market.

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